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Is Your Life Out of Order?

Where is your heart? Good news is that your life is not broken, but it may be just out of order! There is hope! As you progress through these chapters, we pray God helps you see the changes that need to be made so you can live your best life.

Battle in the Bedroom

When the powerful knowledge of the 4 stages of intimacy and marriage is revealed in this book, an explosive transformation will take place in your relationship. Relief and satisfaction can finally be experienced as hope and joy take your marriage and intimacy to extraordinary heights.

Fiction Books

Guarding the Past In a Warrior’s Quiver

Before Journey’s End, there was a beginning. The wealthiest and most powerful reigning king-King Solomon-may have died three thousand years ago, but because of his heavenly blessed wisdom, the scientific and religious world as we know it today is about to erupt as guarded truths of the beginning of times are now soon to be exposed.

Guarding the Past

Archaeologist Dr. Benjamin Maschel receives a mysterious letter inviting him to an unknown location on the other side of the world. Once there, he is quickly informed by Jahar, a wise old guardian of the descendants, that his genealogy and life’s purpose is nothing he has believed to be the truth.

Journey of the Hidden

Leaving his home in the hidden valley, young Toca must journey for a sun season to and from the endless water in order to prove his manhood. He must accomplish the tribe’s Katata Ado if he is ever to become chief. Before leaving, old Chief Acuta secretly gives Toca – whose spirit image and talisman is the Black Ghost – instructions for him to bring back three vital things. If he fails, the old chief has foreseen, over the past generations, that their people, the Nashua, will cease to exist.